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​About Laundromagic

The owner was a businessman who found himself interested in the laundry rooms at apartment houses. From there, he decided to purchase a laundromat. It was run-down and in desperate need of a transformation and the owner saw an opportunity to make a positive impact in the community in one of Boston’s best neighborhoods. He knew he could provide a better service at a better price and made a commitment to make Laundromagic a better laundromat experience. Now offering top quality machines at a reasonable price in a clean, pleasant atmosphere. His commitment to excellence is to make Laundromagic the best laundromat in Boston. But Laundromagic is more than a self-service laundromat, it offers wash-dry-fold, commercial laundry. All this is done in a safe and clean environment.

But don’t just believe us. Read some of the testimonials about our laundromat.