Frequently Asked Questions

7 am to 11 pm, however, the last load is at 9:30 pm.

If you are doing in-store drop off, it is $1.55 a pound. Same day is $1.75 and unless we are overloaded with laundry, we will get it back to you the same day.

Far less than you think. Front-loading machines take very little laundry detergent. A double loader takes about ½ cup and a triple loader takes about ¾ cup. They are efficient economically and do a better job of washing than the top loaders.

The answer is yes if it is a regular commercial job and email me at if you are a residential customer. We will evaluate each job individually.

We put your instructions in the computer and the tag that is with your clothes has all of your preferences on it.

Yes, it is free to our customers.


We have self-serve when you wash your clothes yourself.

We have wash-dry-fold where we wash your clothes for you.

We have pickup-delivery where we get the clothes and then launder them.

We will text you.

No, each person’s clothing is laundered separately.

Any kind of bag such as a laundry bag or even a trash bag. If it is a cloth laundry bag, we will wash that at the same time.

Yes. We vend it in a machine.